Don Draper has quite a few pitching tricks up his sleeve. He is a bit of a womanizer, though he spends a large part of his day thinking about his work. Marketing executives were a handful if his character is anything to go by. He is the major character in the hit series Mad Men. He is calm, quiet and always brooding. This series has a total of 5 complete seasons which have done little to disappoint. I say so because sometimes, a lot of the cultural references made will leave many flustered.

Why You Should Watch Mad MenThe series is set in the 1960s and gives remarkably accurate insight on the social and working life of upper middle class Americans. It serves as a great point of reference for those who would like a brief history lesson on just how far marketing as a profession has come.

Why should you sit and watch Mad Men?

– Killer humor is only on Mad Men!

AMC struck gold with this series. It has a phenomenal set of lead characters – Joan, Pete, and Stan make us very happy on most occasions. His ability to make light of every situation that comes into being keeps us abreast with what is new in his life and reminds us of the events in preceding seasons and episodes. He’s always one to look out for.

– Catchy controversial themes galore

Alcoholism, racism, chauvinism and even sexuality are themes that come up in every season. The direction with which they are approached keep the stories fresh in our minds. The early perceptions associated with sexual orientation will win your attention in the first three seasons and become even more interesting in the fourth and fifth seasons that follow.

– Mad Men comes to you full of authenticity and remarkable drama

Savvy critics, viewers and directors alike grant the series full acclaim. It has earned numerous awards in comparison with other cable shows. The complex characters come with the very best performances when dealing with situations that we find ourselves in everyday – Peggy surprises us at every turn and leaves us guessing about what she’s looking for. Betty shows just how gutsy women could be in a time when their voices were muted by male dominated society.

– Do you have an eye for retro fashion and culture? Watch Mad Men!

We have loved every outfit that Joan has tried on. Rachel even shows us how conservative women could look sexy and attractive. Pete Campbell’s suits were exquisite and their dark tones always look in style. Mad Men will revamp your perception of retro style and give you ideas on how you can try something spectacular without feeling old fashioned!

– Watching Mad Men will make it way easier to understand numerous parodies

When the first Mad Men parody came on SNL, some didn’t quite get it. Then with time, more came up in popular shows like The Simpsons. Laughter is good for the soul and parodies from Mad Men are the reason why we will keep on reliving the funny side of the high rated show that we don’t laugh about when it is on. Take the time to find the first three seasons online. Recaps and reviews will help you appreciate the interesting show even more!

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