One of the most popular television shows in recent memory simply has to be HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is based on George RR Martin’s bestselling series of fantasy novels entitled A Song of Fire and Ice. Now almost at the end of its third season, Game of Thrones continues to receive loads of critical acclaim and its number of viewers continues to increase dramatically. This has led HBO to renew the series for a fourth season, set to premiere in 2014.

Is Game of Thrones a Masterpiece?Although Martin’s epic fantasy series has long been a favorite for fans of this genre, there were many who predicted that adapting his long, sometimes drawn out storylines for television would ultimately end in failure like so many others. However, after the first episode premiered back in 2011, the majority of these naysayers were soon changing their tune.

With beautifully crafted, intricate sets and costumes, outstanding characters, and an action packed series of intertwining storylines full of mystery, sex, intrigue, and deceit, Game of Thrones is one of those few television series which is capable of truly captivating audiences. It transports you away to fantastic locations across the Kingdom of Westeros and beyond, as you follow each of the different families and factions in their struggle against one another to become king.

While the writers and production crew have managed to create a wonderfully unique and believable world, one of the major reasons behind the success of Game of Thrones has to be its fabulous cast of actors. From top to bottom, the entire cast is outstanding, with each actor flawlessly slipping into their roles, whether it be hero or villain, lord or prisoner. Without a strong cast, Game of Thrones could have easily suffered the same fate as so many other television fantasy series, but luckily HBO and the producers were able to assemble an all-star cast of veterans and newcomers that excel in making the audience love or hate them.

All in all, the enormous success of the series probably has more to do with its production value than anything else. Whether it is the cast, the elaborate costumes and sets, or the high quality writing, the producers have spared no expenses. This has resulted in an incredibly entertaining and exciting television show that is able to expand its interest beyond only fans of the fantasy genre.

Full of sex, bloody violence, and risque storylines to say the least, Game of Thrones is definitely not for everyone. Still, its immense success simply cannot be ignored, as many are already considering it among the best television series ever.