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Groundskeeper 2 is the sequel to a Mini Ludum-dare game which was originally created in about 24 hours. The original game was a small little shooter released on websites and as a “summer freebie” on Android. As simple as the game was, many people enjoyed it, and there was more that could be done with the format.Groundskeeper 2 takes the core of the original, and improves it in every other way.The game starts with very little (one weapon, one world), but as you improve as a player it will slowly increase and build up to an extremely chaotic action packed arena-game. Unlocking new worlds, weapons, power-up items, and enemies.Everyone can play this game, but only a few will unlock it 100% and become true heroes of the resistance!


TouchArcade 4/5 – “Groundskeeper2 is an entertaining action game that will keep you busy blasting bots for bits and bobs for a while”

Paranerds 9/10 – “It’s fast-paced, easy to play and addicting, all the while being charming, funny and filled with fantastic music and art”

N3rdable 4.4/5 – “A Must Have If You Enjoy Breaking Highscores!”

30Plus gamer B+ – “Groundskeeper 2 is a nostalgic, action-packed, fun experience”

Android Rundown 8/10 – “This is just another well-done 2D action game from Orangepixel, and well worth checking out.”

148Apps 4/5 – “Groundskeeper2 is a fun and furious action/shooting game that keeps players coming back.”

PocketGamer – Bronze award – “A big old bundle of laser blasting fun, Groundskeeper 2 does what it does with style and a cheeky smile”

AppGemeinde 4/5



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Groundskeeper © 2013,2014 OrangePixel - based on mini LudumDare 48h jam entry - find us on twitter, facebook or youtube